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I am thrilled to open a home decor retail location here in our community. We have been in Clayton for 4 years as a design firm and my family has lived in Clayton for 9 years.  We love our community and we are excited to share our passion with you.

Calyco is a modern home decor and gift retail store located in Clayton, NC. 


When I started my interior design firm, it was important to me that the mission of our company be people.  As a designer, I strive to serve my clients by curating designs that inspire them to be home by also meeting their daily functional needs.  Every home and business project is unique, which is why it is valuable that I am a multi-disciplined contractor and interior designer.
Over the past 4 years, our company has gone out into the community to give back to those in need.  Our heart is our special needs community, as I have two children on the Autism Spectrum.  Our firm meets the needs of those who need handicap ramps built, fences, home renovations and sensory items for our local schools at no cost to these families and businesses.  Over the past 8 weeks, we have been renovating our newest 2000 sf location, right here in Clayton, which will serve as our design offices but also a retail space that will cater to our special needs friends and give them a opportunity to work in a fun environment.  We want this to be the happiest place in Clayton!
Behind every design, there is a story that is the fingerprint of the that home.  Its halls tell the history of family, values, first and lasts.  The threshold welcomes the people you hold dear with tradition, playdates, and perhaps a first kiss.  A home should be a haven, a place of peace and rest where we drink coffee in our favorite place before rushing the kids to their first day of school.  It is these things that dictate a design and determine the priorities.  This is what we value here at Calyco, as we design people’s dreams.

CALYCO | More Than Decor

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